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Do you call my employer when applying for a short-term loan?

Do you call my employer when applying for a short-term loan?

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No, when applying for a short term loan with Fund Ourselves, you can be rest assured that we will not contact your employer.
We respect that applying for financial products can be personal, and may not be something that you want to share with your employer or colleagues.
However, we may be required to confirm your employment and monthly income and our team may request a copy of your most recent payslips during the application process.
Proof of income is important to confirm that you can afford to repay your loan – both the regularity of your income and the amount you earn each month. This allows us to determine your eligibility for a loan, the amount you can borrow and the duration of the loan.
A copy of your payslip or bank statement which shows your income can be scanned or photographed and sent to our customer services team if we request it.

Why do you require my employer details in the application form

We require your employer details so that we can confirm:However, this does not mean that we will contact your employer and ask to speak to you or a senior member of staff if you are currently employed by the organisation.
Simply asking for your employment details in the application helps us understand your current employment status and monthly income – which is key for determining your eligibility for a short-term loan.

When do you contact my employer?

Under very rare circumstances, we may call your employer’s phone number to collect outstanding repayments.
If you have fallen behind on your loan repayments, we will typically send you an email or call your mobile phone to discuss your account.
However, if we do not hear from you, as a last resort, we may call your work number and ask to speak to you. During this phone call, we will not disclose to third parties where we are calling from or discuss the nature of the call – we will simply ask to speak to you.

Are my employment details shared with third parties?

No, the information you provide us with is confidential and will not be shared with third parties. This is in line with regulations that are enforced by the Financial Conduct Authority and our commitment to treating customers fairly.

What other information do I need to provide for a loan with Fund Ourselves?

Our database is able to confirm your address against your name and your bank details. However, we may require further proof of this by requesting a recent copy of your bank statement or utility bill.
We require your mobile number and email address so that you can verify your loan and so that we can contact you with any further questions during the loan application or collection process.
It is essential that you provide accurate information, and only apply for a loan for yourself and not on behalf of anyone else.
The application for a personal loan with Fund Ourselves takes less than 15 minutes to complete.. With no upfront fees and an instant decision, we can help you get the finance you need. Customers can borrow between £50 and £500, and if successful, can receive funds on the same day of applying.

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