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What's the cheapest supermarket?

If you have a family to feed, you won’t need reminding about the effects of inflation. It is currently running at more than 5% - but what this actually means is that you pay more to feed the family.

Are you an emotional spender?

We all like to think that we are sensible, organised people. When we go shopping, we go out knowing what we want to buy, how much we plan to pay and we are certainly far too sensible to be swayed by a must have in a window…

The easy – and cheap – way to spring clean

It may have started as a religious practice in the far east – or it could have been a reaction to seeing just how mucky a house had become when longer days and stronger sunlight revealed the dirt built up over winter.

Getting in shape for spring

Spring is a time for shedding layers, but if you are planning to look good in the latest season’s fashions you may want to try shedding a few pounds too.

Discover the prices that are actually falling

Inflation is hitting all of us hard, with costs of essentials like petrol rising by as much as 85%. Drivers are paying £16 more for a tank of fuel than they did this time last year, while rail fares will rise by 3.