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What are the advantages of a short term loan?

What are the advantages of a short term loan?

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Taking out a short term loan can be very useful and it comes with a number of advantages. Over time, we have shifted from manually applying for loans in person to being able to do the entire process online. Hence, the market for short term loans has grown enormously and the service is used by over 3 million Britons each year.
Fund Ourselves lists some of the main benefits of short term loans below:

Fully online application and process

Traditionally, if you need to get a short term loan or borrow money, you would have to go to your local bank, ask family or friends or even risk using a loan shark. Either way, the process of going to a local bank was often very long, drawn out and difficult to access funds.
Through online measures today, the entire application, underwriting and funding process is fully automated, which means that borrowers can get decisions and funding immediately - and often have funds transferred to their bank accounts within hours or the same day of applying.
For lenders, automation allows them to filter through their applications in real-time, accepting or declining loans according to their criteria, allowing them to grow and scale their lending operations effectively.

Fast and effective

Short term loans online are fast and effective. As a borrower, you can apply online in less than 5 minutes with Fund Ourselves and you can get an immediate decision on the screen. If approved, you will go through some further checks and receive your funds to your bank account in just a few hours.
If you have an emergency expense and need money fast, a short term loan can provide you with the quick funding that you need. Whether it is car repairs, a broken boiler or important bills on the kitchen table, a short term loan can help you when you need it.


Short term loans offer flexibility. You can choose how much you wish to borrow and how long for, whether you need funds for a couple of months or even years.
Most short term lenders today, such as Fund Ourselves, offer payments in equal instalments so you know exactly how much you are repaying each month and the collections come out automatically from your bank account.
The long-term nature of many loans means that you can spread repayment over a period of time, giving you ideal breathing space.
You also have the choice if you want to extend or repay early, helping you save money or get money for longer if you need it.

Important injection of cash

Short term loans such as 3 months or 6 months can offer an important cash injection when you need them most. Although we try hard to save money, we never know when an emergency will strike where we need a few hundred pounds to keep our households going.
Whether it is a bereavement, an illness or home disaster, there are some things in life that we cannot plan for and this is where getting a quick short term loan can be useful.
If you find that you do not need the loan for the full duration and are back on your feet sooner than expected, you always have the option to pay back early.

Automated repayments

Gone are the days of making a manual payment by calling up on the phone, going to your local bank or paying in a cheque.
Most lenders today use direct debit or continuous payment authority which allows the lender to set up recurring payments from your bank account electronically. See how repayments work here.
So when your repayment is due at the end of the month, you will get a reminder by email and SMS and funds will be automatically collected from your account as scheduled. Simple, efficient and paperless.

You can repay early

A huge advantage of getting a short term loan is the option to repay early if you need to - and you will typically save money on any interest from building up.
Fund Ourselves do not charge any fees for repaying early and we encourage it if it helps you save money and means that you are back on your feet.
The main USP of Fund Ourselves, other than our affordable rates, is that we give extra breathing space to anyone who is facing financial difficulty. Our mission is to make our customers better off from using our products, not worse.
Our loan products are available for 4 months, but if a customer is struggling to repay, they can extend for up to 12 months with no added interest or late fees - helping them get back on their feet and save money too.

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