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Fund Ourselves

Avoid a Bank Overdraft With a Fund Ourselves Loan

The smarter way to borrow
Representative APR 504.7%
Find out more about Fund Ourselves alternative to payday loans below

Avoid a Bank Overdraft With a Fund Ourselves Loan

from £100 to £1,500

£100 £250 £500
£800 £1,000 £1,500
Representative APR 504.7%
Find out more about Fund Ourselves alternative to a bank overdraft

Short-Term Loans as an Alternative to Overdraft Fees

If you know that you are low on funds and have overspent the amount in your bank account, you may want to consider a short-term loan. Because short-term loans carry an interest rate that is in many instances less expensive than the cost of an overdraft fee, getting the loan in your bank account before the overdraft occurs can be a practical option.

Is a Fund Ourselves Loan Cheaper Than My Overdraft Fee?

Depending on the circumstances, taking out a short-term payday loan from Fund Ourselves to cover a necessary expense that could cause an overdraft fee may be a less costly option than incurring the fee. Quite simply, the latest figures show the average charge for a single overdraft is £451 — Fund Ourselves short-term loan offering allows approved customers to borrow £200 for 122 days for a cost of i.e. £86.84 (personal quote may vary). Therefore, a loan from Fund Ourselves can save UK customers more than half of the fee that would be assessed for an average overdraft.

How Fast Can Fund Ourselves Fund Me?

Fund Ourselves is proud to provide loans in a timely and convenient manner. Our application can be completed in a manner of minutes, and once it's submitted, you'll typically hear from us with an approval decision within 30 minutes. If approved, money will be sent to your bank account within 10 minutes after approval, so you can get the money before the bank tries to collect that overdraft fee.

Fund Ourselves Offer?

Fund Ourselves offers short-term loans — from £100 to £1,500 with flexible repayment options of 1, 2 or 3 repayment periods. Our loans are unsecured, and we carefully consider all applications. To learn more about our loan offerings, please visit our website,

More About Fund Ourselves

We are a small group of passionate techies, credit geeks, designers, marketers, risk and compliance experts, and a friendly customer support team with a shared vision to make a difference to the consumer credit market.
We have one simple goal:
Our goal is to make FinTech accessible to all and make our financial lives simpler, better, cheaper and more convenient. By doing this we aim to permanently change the way people think about finances and investments.

Why choose Fund Ourselves loan over an overdraft?

  • - 5-minute application
  • - Instant loan decision
  • - No hidden costs or fees
  • - Flexible repayments
  • - No early repayment fees

Eligibility for loans from Fund Ourselves

Fund Ourselves operates on the same basic eligibility criteria that use when accepting applications. To apply for a loan with Fund Ourselves you must be at least 18 years old, live in the UK and have a bank account. You’ll also need a mobile phone and agree to a credit and affordability check.
This ensures you can comfortably afford to pay back what you owe, lowering the risk of financial difficulties later. If you tick all these boxes then you can apply for a loan with Fund Ourselves however being eligible doesn’t guarantee that your application will be accepted.
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