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Earn up to 15% tax-free with our Innovative Finance ISA

Earn up to 15% tax-free with our Innovative Finance ISA

Our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) offers a return of 15% per annum – and you can use your ISA allowance to earn up to £20,000 completely tax-free.
With Fund Ourselves, you can invest in a number of borrowers looking for short term and medium term loans and earn 5% to 15% per annum – and start with an investment of just £1,000.
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What is an Innovative Finance ISA?

An innovative finance ISA allows you to use your (tax free) ISA allowance while you invest in peer to peer investments.
The UK government offers an ISA allowance of up to £20,000 so that anything you earn up to this amount through ISAs is completely free of tax.
Our innovative finance ISA works by lending money to other borrowers and then offering an attractive rate of interest. This amount is calculated on the length of time you are willing to leave your money untouched in the innovative finance ISA (up to 12 months).
Similar to peer to peer lending, you will invest in multiple individuals (and bid against other potential investors) and the borrowers will pay you interest each month, as though it were a normal loan.
We are not backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme so we minimise your risk by investing in a pool of borrowers using Auto-Match™. We also have our own provision fund in place which aims to reimburse investors in case of defaults subject to the availability of funds and ensure they are able to earn the maximum expected return.

Why Invest with Fund Ourselves?

Fund Ourselves Innovative Finance ISA is likely to provide better return than the low risk and low yielding cash ISAs and is likely to be more stable than the volatile, high return stocks and shares ISAs.

Start with £1,000

Invest as little as £1,000 and you can choose to increase this at any point. Your money will be lent out to a number of different borrowers who have applied for loans and have passed strict credit and affordability checks by our team.


Depending on your ISA allowance, you may be able to earn returns up to £20,000, completely free of tax. You may only have one Innovative Finance ISA account open to be eligible and this will be confirmed when you apply.

High returns

We offer ISAs with high returns, where investors can earn up to 15% by lending money out to people with poor credit. Your investment is spread across multiple borrowers and you will earn interest each month when the customer repays, just like a typical loan.

Easy matching

We use Auto-Match™ to match your investment with borrowers that meet your level of risk. You can earn 5% to 15% per annum depending on what risk criteria you to choose to lend to people with.

Safe and secure

We ensure that every borrower will undergo credit and affordability checks prior to funding and any bad debts are followed up by customer service team to maximise your full return.

Monitor your progress

Our analytics tool allows you to log in and monitor your progress and returns at any time. You can check your balance, invest more or withdraw funds.

Innovative Finance ISAs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Money Protected?

Fund Ourselves is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme but has its own provision fund in place which aim to cover investors from their principal investments subject to the availability of funds.
Any loans that are not repaid on-time are classified as bad debt and will be followed up by our customer service team to help recover loss of funds.

Can I Choose Who I Lend to?

Your each individual investment is spread across a number of borrowers using Auto-Diversify™. Every individual borrower is held anonymous and each investment is typically spread across 10 borrowers to diversify your portfolio.
You can select a classification of risk – whereby lending to people with good credit will offer returns of around 5% per annum and lending to poor credit customers offers returns of up to 15% per annum.

Can I Have More Than One ISA Open?

You can have multiple ISA accounts open, but you are only able to save into one account per year. This will be checked and confirmed upon registration.

Can You withdraw you investment at any Time?

Yes, you may request to withdraw your funds at any time. When a withdrawal request is submitted, the investment is placed on the secondary marked which takes place once every day. The funds will then be made available and transferred to your bank account as soon as your investment is sold to another matching investor. To earn the full interest, you may need to have the account open for the entire loan term of up to 12 months.
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