How to Maximize Your Winter Energy Savings

As the winter months approach, we may need to consider cranking up the heat throughout the day, which can have a significant influence on our energy use, heating expenses, and carbon footprint.

We’ve compiled a list of cold-weather energy-saving measures to assist individuals to minimise the amount of energy they use at home, saving money on their bills and reducing carbon emissions during winter.

OI! SHUT THAT DOOR - Shut Open Windows and Doors

If you have a window open, remember to keep the door closed. Shutting that cold air out will mean using less energy to heat up your home, saving you money every day.


Take advantage of natural light, it’s free. Open your curtains to your south-facing windows to soak up the sunlight during the day and let it naturally warm up your home. Just make sure to close them at night.

GET YOUR COOK ON - Save on Cooking

Be extra savvy when you’re cooking on the hob. Using the biggest ring to heat up a small saucepan is a big, big waste of energy, as is putting a huge wok on the smallest ring. In addition, your cooker is one of the most energy-guzzling appliances in your home. Get savvy by cooking multiple meals at once – it’ll save you the hassle later on in the week and save you energy!

GET THERMOSTAT SAVVY - Turn Down the Thermostat

It may be tempting to whack your heating on full blast when you’re freezing your toes off, keeping your thermostat at the same low temperature rather than on – off – on – off can save you energy. That’s because the boiler uses a lot of energy getting from cold to hot.

KEEP STOCK - Stock up on Food

Keep stocked up. Having a full fridge can save you energy as an emptier fridge will use more energy to keep the food cool. If food is stuffed in it’ll keep cooler and use less energy. Great excuse to get the Christmas treats in!

LIBERATE THOSE RADIATORS - Look around your Radiator

Having a sofa or a bed blocking a radiator is a prime suspect for stopping the room from heating up. It gets absorbed by the item of furniture rather than warming you up! Shift it out the way so that you’re the one who feels the benefits.

PURGE THOSE DRAFTS - Keep the Heat in with Insulation

Adding a doormat to your home will not only add a cosy touch but also serves a more practical purpose; stopping the chill coming in through the front door. For windows, try sticking draught-proofing strips around the frame.


Do many electrical appliances continue using energy even when you’re not using them?! TVs, chargers, etc are all extra power-hungry appliances. Also don’t leave your mobile phone on charge all night! Save by simply switching these off at the wall.

BRIGHT IDEAS - Opt for Energy-Saving Bulbs

Energy saving bulbs are a great way to limit your usage. Using around 75% less energy saving you tens of pounds per bulb you change!


If you have your heating on, try to avoid the temptation to ramp up the tumble dryer as well. Make the most of your heating and bring out the drying rack instead.

While we strongly advise you not to accept this as financial advice, we hope that it will at the very least offer you an opportunity to gain a new perspective and challenge your current financial situation. This article is not in any way related to any of the Fund Ourselves products.

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