Get £60 worth of shopping – for a fiver!

Food prices are just one of the UK’s many rising costs - but the hardest of all to avoid. You can’t let your family go hungry even when money is short.

But there is a way to cut the cost of your trip to the supermarket. It’s fun for your family, brilliant for your budget – and better for the planet too.

Every day, delicious, fresh food goes to waste at cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops and manufacturers. There’s nothing wrong with it. It just has to be thrown out because it hasn’t sold in time. It gets tossed in the skip, and even if some is composted, most ends up as landfill.

It means that you might be able to grab a bargain – and you don’t have to go digging down that skip.

The Too Good To Go app lets you buy and collect this food - at a an unbelievably low discounted price - so it gets eaten and enjoyed instead of wasted.

How much will the contents of your magic bag be worth? That depends on the store and what they have over, but users have reported finding food with a full price of £60 or more when they bought a bag or two! Ready meals, fresh fruit and veg, juice, sandwiches. You could find it all ready and waiting for you.

So what’s the catch? You won’t know exactly what’s in your order until you pick it up - it’s all part of the surprise.

Shop at top shops – for much, much less!

Too Good To Go partners up with retailers and dozens of smaller, independent shops to sell “magic bags” of food that would otherwise be thrown out at the end of the day. The shop benefits, because it costs them money to fill a skip. But the real winner is anyone who uses the app to bag a bargain.

Prices vary a little depending on where you do your bargain shop - but they start from around £2 for a bag. You can’t choose what food you get in your Too Good To Go bag - it depends on what is available that day.

Obviously, everything will be at the end of its sell-by date, but everything will still be 100% eatable. Remember, most foods can be eaten perfectly safely even a few days after the sell by deadline, but no longer sold. So you can grab a delicious bargain every day – and you can keep most things you can’t eat straight away in the freezer.

So where can you go with your Too Good To Go app?

You can find local supermarkets and fast-food outlets taking part in the app itself. Morrisons, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer are just some of the big stores taking part. Hotel chains and fast food franchises are also using the app, so you can expect to find anything from a hotel breakfast to supermarket staples in your magic bag.

You can browse through the nearby locations to find the ones you like. Then just click to reserve a Mystery bag, pay for it, and show up to get it when it’s time. The app will let you know your allotted time slot to go and pick up your bag – usually in the evening close to closing time - and it’s essential not to miss it. If you do miss your slot, you lose your bag, so it pays to be punctual!

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