365 day money management challenge

Imagine ending this year with an extra £667.95 to spend on anything you like – whether it's a dream holiday abroad, new TV or simply as a cash buffer to deal with any much-needed house or car repairs! Sound impossible?

The 365 1p Money Saving Challenge can help you be quids in by saving pennies every day. #moneygoals achieved.

The idea is simple:

  • Day one: Put 1p in the jar. Easy.
  • Day two: Put 2p in the jar. Still easy.
  • Day three: Put 3p in the jar. Simple.
  • Day four: Put 4p in the jar. You get the picture.


  • Day 365: Put £3.65 in the jar.

You now have a whopping £667.95 like the money saving ninja you are!

See also:

Websites such as Skint Dad have a calendar you can print off that reminds you how much you're putting in every day.

You can start any day of the year, but if you had started on the 1st January 2017, some of the year's highlights and your savings would be:

  • The FA Cup Final £110.26
  • Your summer holiday £228.30
  • Hallowe'en £465.33
  • Christmas Day £648.95
  • New Year's Eve 2017 £667.95

Ninja Money Savers Extra Tip:

Encourage your family or flat mates to do the same and challenge each other to stick to it. You're more likely to make small changes with your small change if you're all supporting each other.

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