How to keep fit for free

Exercise is for the whole year, not just to get trim for the beach - and getting fit for free isn't as big of a workout as it may seem. Make 2019 your ultimate year to get fit, feel great and save while you're doing it!

Get video fit

YouTube is packed with fitness tutorials and workout videos – and they're all free to access. For a vigorous calorie burn, Danielle Peazer's eight-minute dance workout is intense but fun. For a more sedate solution, work on your balance with Tara Stiles's beginner yoga.

Buy (or borrow) a workout DVD

If you prefer to go old school (and get away from the computer), try an exercise DVD. You can get hold of them for good prices on eBay and Amazon. You could also ask if your friends have copies you can borrow. Davina McCall's DVDs are easy to follow and Joe Wicks is known for his awesome, user-friendly workouts.

Try the gym – on the cheap

A free gym membership might sound too good to be true, but there are shrewd moves you can make. Many local gyms offer free trials for their classes, or give out a free gym day pass. Also look out for free introductory offers, then move to another gym when your free pass runs out. Ask if free or discounted gym membership is available through work. Or if you're already a fitness buff, there may be opportunities to teach a class at a local gym in exchange for free membership.

Take the plunge

Swimming offers great all-round exercise. Some local leisure centres run free or affordable programmes teaching adults how to swim and, if you're already a proficient swimmer, membership is usually much more affordable than at a private gym or spa (if you swim frequently enough, you'll save a packet). When the weather warms up, open water swimming is free – and there's nothing quite like plunging into an icy lake, or swimming in the sea.

Make use of the park

You may have grown out of the swings and slides, but your local park could be a goldmine in terms of getting fit for free. As well as running tracks and wonderful walking opportunities, many parks have free gym equipment, tennis courts and ample space for football and cricket. Check Our Parks, an app which brings free, group exercise to local parks, to see if they offer classes in your area.

Free Fitness Apps

Getting fit has never been easier, as you can find workouts at your fingertips in seconds. We've broken down some of the best fitness apps for all your healthy needs…

  1. MyFitnessPal: This app allows users to scan and input their foods to calculate how many calories they have eaten each day. This can help you manage how much you're eating each day for weight loss (or weight gain).
  2. Nike Training Club: Including a wide range of workouts, this app allows you to use the GPS in it to track your runs. The longer you work out for, the more fitness treats you get, as the app rewards you with more workout routines, recipes and fitness advice. Essentially a personal trainer for free.
  3. Pact: Finding it hard to get to the gym? Use this app to set gym visit goals each month. If you fail to go to the gym, a small amount is taken from your account and placed in a pot that is later split between those that make their gym goals that week. Pact is an app that really could make you some extra money and help you get fit.
  4. Couch to 5K: Want to get into running but aren't sure you're fit enough? This app will get you up off the sofa and running 5km within 9 weeks, according to their trusty step-by-step guide. A friendly fitness app for beginners and advanced runners alike.
  5. Calm: Keeping fit isn't all about working out and eating healthily. It's also important to think about your mind. Using Calm, you can take two or more minutes a day to relax and clear your mind of everything around you. Something that is sure to get you feeling more ready to take on the big tasks that lie ahead.

Free Fitness Workout Plan Apps

Working out can be hard if you don't know where to start, but there are many free apps on the market that can help you plan your sessions.

  1. Sworkit: This app allows people of all ages to plan out and take part in pre-planned workouts through their phones. Just pick the plan for you and away you go.
  2. 7 Minute Workout: If you find yourself short of time, it doesn't mean you have to miss out on your daily workout. These quick but effective routines can be chosen and planned out in advance to suit your schedules and needs.
  3. PocketYoga: For any Yogi's out there, this app guides you through each move to make sure you are hitting all the right places. It's also available as a teacher's app, so once you've learnt the basics, you could become the expert.
  4. Get Speedo Fit: Now you can make your next dip in the pool an epic workout.
  5. 6 Week Training: Working towards a big event? 6 Weeks Training will make sure you reach your targets before the big day by scheduling in what you need to do.
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