8 Ways to Reduce Energy Bills This Winter

8 Ways to Reduce Energy Bills This Winter

With energy bills and the cost of everyday living rising, everyone will be looking for tips and tricks to help save them money this winter. While there are energy caps set in place, there are still some easy and simple ways you could save yourself hundreds over the year.

Switch to a Slow-Cooker or air fryer

Our first energy saving hack is to use a slow-cooker or air fryer (if you have one or the spare money to buy one, they aren’t very expensive as appliances go). When compared to running the oven, a slow-cooker or air fryer could mean you save a lot of money each year when cooking.

This is a particularly good tip for those with young children, or would like to find easier and simple dinners. You’ll help save both money and time with this one.

2. Check Your Appliances Efficiency

If you’re not using something, just turn it off at the mains. Most modern TVs and appliances will be energy efficient, so having them on standby won’t cost you much or if anything at all. Such as, an Apple phone charger.

But what will cost you is those hefty old microwaves or some older appliances. Get the energy efficiency checked, or maybe upgrade them to newer appliances or simply turn them off at the mains when not in use. Also, turn the lights off if you’re not in that room.

3. Avoid Using Certain Appliances Too Much

With energy bills rising this doesn’t mean you have to stop living life and enjoying some luxuries. But, there are some things to look out for and start using a little less now the colder months are coming!

Kettles are one of the most expensive appliances to run, every time you boil it it costs you money. When using it, don’t overfill as this costs you more. If you are an avid tea or coffee drinker and have many at home throughout the day - maybe invest in a big flask. Boil the kettle, keep the drink warm and all without the need of boiling the kettle!

4. Layer Up

Depending on your home, it may be difficult to efficiently heat it at the cost of heating today. Ways to combat this are by layering up - adding another jumper or jacket if its cold. Invest in lots of blankets for the cold winter months, and maybe even invest in an electric blanket (one that is energy efficient) for those cold nights too.

Also, be sure to move things away from the radiator so your house and the whole room is heated properly and no money goes wasted.

5. Shower at the Gym

If you currently have a gym membership, then why not opt to shower there too. If you don’t have one, you can get them for under £20 a month - meaning you’ll save money, and also encourage you to get fit.

Heated showers are more expensive nowadays, so why not use the gym and get it all done if you go anyway there.

6. Turn Your Thermostat Down

Take a look at your boiler, and potentially lower the heating of the heaters and water. This way, you could help save money over the year. You won’t need it on a really high setting. For instance, with the water just slightly turn it down then go test to see if it’s warm. If it’s fine, then you can try find the perfect, less expensive level for you.

7. Turn Your Thermostat Down

Washing machines can be an expensive outgoing cost too. By washing your clothes on a lower temperature and on an ECO quick wash, for example, you could help save you lots of money. Most modern detergents can handle colder washes, so don’t worry everything will still be clean.

Also, don’t wash things too much! Jeans aren’t supposed to be washed loads, and there’s no need to wash things only after one use. Being cautious of these things will help you in the long-run financially.

8. Don’t Tumble Dry

Tumble dryers are expensive. But, we still need to wash things like towels and sheets. You could invest in a heated air dryer - which are available on many sites online and in-store. Most are pretty inexpensive and also energy efficient. They also double up as heaters which can help heat your home! Or, put the clothes air dryer nearer to a window so more breeze dries the clothes quicker - and to help avoid cursing dampness inside.

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