The budget birthday party for savvy savers

Cheap Kid's Party Ideas

Party at home

Go for a home-based birthday party to keep venue costs down. Invite a small group of your child's besties and choose a fun theme like a pirate tea party, Lego building workshop or a sleepover (weekend only!)

Sports birthday

Everyone loves school sports day, so how about a sports party? Get together in your garden or nearby park and have a giggle doing classics such as the sack race, wheelbarrow and 3 legged-race. Prizes for all!

DIY disco

Why not hold your own dance party? All you need is a Smart phone with a kids' party playlist and a disco ball with flashing lights. Award prizes for craziest dance moves. Fancy dress optional.

Forest fun

Kids love nature and it's free, so head to your nearest forest for an afternoon of den building competitions and treasure hunts in the trees. Then eat birthday cake in your dens!

Crafty party

Buy a big bag of kiddie craft materials, like glitter paints, stickers and coloured card from the pound shop then watch the children have fun creating party art. They can make their own party crowns, animal masks and goodie bags.

It's magic!

Turn mum, dad or a game relative into your party entertainer. All you need is a magician's costume and half an hour watching magic tutorials on Youtube to learn a few clever tricks to wow the kids.

Wacky races

Ask your child's pals and parents to meet you at a local park or bike track. Everyone brings their bike or scooter for an action-packed time racing around and swapping bikes. Remember to make a pit stop for cake and juice.

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