Investments not covered by FSCS. Capital is at risk. Actual return may be higher or lower

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Fund Ourselves

Invest in an ISA with Fund Ourselves and Earn 5% - 15% Per Annum

Invest in an ISA with Fund Ourselves and Earn 5% - 15% Per Annum

Fund Ourselves offers an ISA (innovative Finance ISA) where you can earn 5% to 15% by pooling your investment over a number of short-term and medium-term borrowers. Start investing today with just £1,000 over 12 months. Actual return may be higher or lower and capital is at risk. Investments are not covered by the FSCS.

What is an ISA?

An ISA is an ‘individual savings account’ that allows you to put money into a savings product and any interest that you earn is tax-free. Unlike a regular savings account where you are charged interest on your savings, ISAS come with a tax-free allowance by the UK government, which is currently up to £20,000 worth of savings per tax year.
Fund Ourselves offers an ISA which is tax-free, depending on your circumstances, check your eligibility for more information. See more:

Why Use ISAs from Fund Ourselves?

Fund Ourselves specialises in peer to peer investments and is able to offer more attractive returns than standard Cash ISAs. Using auto-matching technology and working with a pool of borrowers, we can help you maximise your return on investment and provide simple reporting. You choose what level of risk that you would take to and we will offer returns of 5% to 15% per annum. Actual return may be higher or lower as these are unsecured investments. Please see our investment estimate by risk level and outcome statement from here.

Start with £1,000

You can get started today by investing as little as £1,000 per year - and you have the option to increase this at any time. Your money will be invested across a number of different borrowers who have passed credit and affordability checks to borrow up to £1,500 over a maximum of 12 months.

Tax free

You can use your ISA allowance of currently up to £20,000 so that any future earnings are tax-free. This may depend on your circumstances and what other products that you have open. We can check your eligibility when you create an account.


We use Auto-Diversify™ to spread each investment over different loans and borrowers – and you can also choose one single investment or multiple investments. We have a customer support team in place to follow up on any arrears and maximise your full returns.

Provision Fund cover

Our investments are not covered by FCSC but we have a ‘Provision Fund’ in place which aims to reimburse our investors subject to the availability of funds. Our customer support team follows up on any defaults.
See the details from Provision Fund Policy

Easy reporting

Our easy-to-use reporting tool allows you to log in any time to see your current pool of investments, your earnings, returns and withdrawals.

ISA Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Receive a Fixed Rate?

No, we do not offer a fixed rate Cash ISA, but we are able to identity and manage risk classifications effectively to achieve returns as close to your chosen interest rate as possible. Please see our investment estimate by risk level and outcome statement from here.

Can I Choose Where My Money is Invested?

Yes, you can choose the risk classification to determine whether you lend to people with good or poor credit scores. Our Auto-Diversify™ will divide each individual investment across multiple borrowers. A single borrower cannot gain more than 10% of each individual investment. Please see our investment estimate by risk level and outcome statement from here.

Can I Withdraw my Investment Early?

At any time, you can withdraw your investments that are not lent out and waiting in our lending pool. You can also request to withdraw your investment lent out to borrowers. You will become ineligible to earn interest after making the withdrawal request. The withdrawal process may take some time to complete. You will start receiving the investment back once the lent-out investments are completed, transferred to another lender or purchased by the provisional fund. To earn the full interest, you may need to have the account open for the entire loan term of up to 12 months.
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